The quality check process

After submitting your product, it will go live instantly on the GetYourGuide platform to start receiving bookings. As such, it’s important that you review the information you have provided before submission to check everything is complete, correct and accurate.


Your product will be checked against GetYourGuide’s conditions and policies, as well as for overall content quality. This process is to ensure that your product is optimized to make it more appealing to potential customers.

Some products might be fully rewritten manually according to our brand tone of voice, some will be checked manually and have some content optimized, and some will be checked by automated methods. The process your activity goes through will depend on how well your activity is performing in the first month, so it’s important to set your product up for success from the start. 

During the check, in case content quality issues have been identified in your product and your action is required in order to fix them, you’ll receive an email notification with subject:

“Action needed on [Name of your product]”

This means that the product stays live on the GetYourGuide platform, but you should follow the instructions in the email and fix the issue(s) as soon as possible. This will improve your product’s conversion rate and prevent customer contacts/complaints. 

The product will stay live in the meantime, but if the activity continues to cause problems for our customers due to you not taking the action/s we requested, it may be deactivated. 

Examples of quality issues are:

  • Missing or unclear information (e.g. there is no information about what happens at lunchtime on a day trip, there is no picture of the transportation type used, or it is unclear how the tour ends)
  • Contradictory information (e.g. inclusions and exclusions say the same thing)
  • Activity seems to be a duplicate of one of your other products
  • Activity should be set up as an option in another one of your products
  • Activity needs additional options added
  • Meeting point or pickup information is not clear or precise
  • Cancellation policy is not in line with GetYourGuide conditions

Please also note that your activity will be taken offline permanently if your product is not suitable for GetYourGuide or is prohibited on our marketplace (e.g. animals are not treated fairly during the activity). 

We look forward to receiving your new product!

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