Restricted Products and Responsible Tourism Guidelines

Safety, Ethical, and Legal Standards

All of the products offered on the GetYourGuide platform must adhere to these standards. Any concerns about customer safety, unethical behavior, animal welfare, inappropriate and/or illegal content will lead to product or supplier deactivation. All decisions will be at GetYourGuide’s discretion.

Safety and Legal Compliance:

  • Products must not endanger travelers, animals, local communities, the environment or any of your own personnel.
  • All products must comply with local laws and regulations and Suppliers must possess the necessary permits and licenses.

Ethical Standards:

  • Products must align with GetYourGuide's values regarding animal welfare and suitability for a diverse global audience.
  • Activities involving captive wild animals or demeaning performances will not be accepted.
  • Harming or killing endangered species or engaging in unethical practices is not allowed.
  • Suppliers must not engage in forced labor (e.g. slavery) of any sorts. 
  • Suppliers must not employ individuals below the local legal minimum age for work.

Safety Guidelines:

  • Risks and hazards should be clearly communicated to participants, and where applicable acknowledgment and waiver forms must be signed before taking part in an activity or tour.
  • Suppliers and their personnel must have proper training, certifications, and equipment.
  • Travelers lacking required insurance or impaired by drugs/alcohol may not participate.
  • Venues must meet local health and safety standards, including fire codes and crowd control.
  • Accessibility for disabled persons should be provided as required by local laws.

Vehicle Safety:

  • Vehicles must have valid insurance, maintenance records, and emergency procedures.
  • Vehicles must not be driven under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Vehicle operators must not use mobile phone devices whilst operating the vehicle.
  • Safety equipment provided, including helmets and seat belts, must be in good condition.

Watercraft Safety:

  • Insurance policies are provided for each water vessel.
  • Communication and navigational equipment should be well-maintained.
  • Regular vessel inspections and safety briefings of participants are essential.
  • Adequate provision of lifejackets, lifeboats, and distress signals must be on board the vessel.
  • Radio communication systems and GPS are required.
  • Staff must have a valid lifesaving certification.

Aircraft Safety:

  • Aircraft must have insurance covering both the operator and traveler.
  • Pilots must meet local aviation authority requirements and provide safety briefings.
  • Participants must be aware of the risks of air excursions.
  • Compliance with local jurisdictional guidelines is essential.

Additional Guidelines for Specific Product Types:

Animal Activities:

  • New products that include the following non-permitted activities will be deactivated:
    Running with bulls, hunting activities, killing/slaughtering animals for entertainment purposes, dog fights, bullfighting, elephant rides and shows, street horse races, and wild cat petting.
  • Products that include the following activities will be reviewed: Circuses, exotic pet cafes, animal parks, animal shows/performances, fishing activities, animal rides, swimming with marine mammals, and other wildlife interactions.
  • All zoos and aquariums should have accreditation from WAZA, AZA, EAZA, ZAA, their affiliated partners, or similar accreditations.
  • Any concerns about animal welfare may lead to deactivation.

Products that involve impoverished or disadvantaged communities, minors below 18, or voluntourism will be reviewed:

  • The Supplier must ensure tourist safety and have a beneficial partnership with the local community, for example, local guides from the community should be used in the provision of the activity, and community-based projects highlighted.
  • Content of these activities should be neutral and respectful. Exploitative pictures of children, women and other minorities are not to be used for promotion.
  • Examples of these activities include: slum/favela tours, visits to indigenous communities, etc.
  • Activities that relate to this product type will be reviewed. 
  • Any concerns about inappropriate content lead to deactivation. 

Sexual Content:

Activities with potential exposure to sexual content (e.g. walking tour in a red-light district), directly or indirectly, must be respectful and in compliance with all local laws.

  • Activities that relate to this product type will be reviewed. 
  • Any concerns about inappropriate content may lead to deactivation.

Dark Tourism:

Activities related to ongoing wars, human rights abuses, genocides, environmental or humanitarian catastrophes, or gun ranges should be neutral and educational in content.

  • Activities that relate to this product type will be reviewed. 
  • Any concerns about inappropriate content may lead to deactivation. 

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