Alternatives to cancelling/reducing cancellations

Cancellations to confirmed bookings harm the customer’s satisfaction and trust. 

There are different cancellation reasons such as overbooking, minimum participants not reached, public holidays, and last minute bookings. However, most cancellations can be avoided with the correct measures in place. 

Please find below some solutions to avoid cancellations:

Block your dates 

Once your product is available to be booked, make sure to block out the dates that you won’t be able to offer, such as public holidays.

Limit the number of bookable persons 

If you already know you will have limited availability for an activity on a given date, change the number of bookable persons. 

Make sure that the maximum number of participants offered per day is set according to your capacity.

Set a minimum number of participants required to run the tour

Although you may require a minimum number of participants to operate your activity, don’t forget that this way you may be missing out on significant net revenue potential.

Cancellations of confirmed bookings should not happen, regardless of the number of participants booked on the tour. When a booking cannot be accommodated due to the low amount of participants booked, it cannot be offered as such on GetYourGuide. 

Make sure that your meeting point/pick-up information is clear enough

Always provide clear information and add points of reference in order to avoid any possible confusion and no-shows.

Check the cut-off time settings 

Consider an API integration (Application programming interface)

Having an API connection allows for better availability by integrating real-time and guarantees the best customer and supplier experience.

GetYourGuide works with different service providers and encourages you to consider this option as well.

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