How ranking works on GetYourGuide

Get tips for improving your ranking and visibility in search results

How are activities ranked on GetYourGuide?

Visibility is crucial for your tour or activity on GetYourGuide. We utilize a ranking system to help your offerings stand out and grab the attention of prospective travelers. Here's a high-level look at how it functions:

Search Result Ranking

Our ranking algorithm governs the order of activities in search results. It integrates various elements such as traveler preferences, market behavior, and your activity's performance in determining the rank, but the weight of each element may vary. This ensures a tailor-made experience for each traveler by matching them with the activities that fit their interests best. 

To enhance the ranking and visibility of your activity, focus on these crucial areas:

  1. Boost activity performance: We measure activity performance in terms of revenue and conversion rate, i.e., the number of bookings relative to page views. To improve your activity performance, we recommend that you enrich your activity page with enticing descriptions, eye-catching images, and transparent pricing. Engaging content drives conversions from page views, resulting in more confirmed bookings and a higher revenue.

  2. Maximize Availability: Offering more dates on the activity calendar enhances the likelihood that your activity meets a traveler’s search criteria and shows up in their results. This involves ensuring long-term availability (your activity should be bookable at least a year in advance) and last-minute availability (your activity should ideally be bookable up until the start time).

  3. Improve Customer Review Score: Customer reviews play a pivotal role in the ranking of your activity. Clear activity details, superior customer service, and exceeding expectations are key. Positive feedback from contented customers bolsters your reputation and enhances your probability of achieving a higher ranking.

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