Updating your cut-off time

Cut-off time is the minimum length of time before your product starts when it is still possible for customers to book. For example, if your tour begins at 11:00 AM, and its cut-off time is set to 3 hours, it will be possible to book up until 8:00 AM on the same day. 

The maximum cut-off time you can select is 10 hours however, having a short cut-off time possible will ensure you don’t miss out on any potential customers. The minimum you can set it to is 0 hours.

The cut off time can be edited on a product level or on a time slot level.

Updating your cut-off time on product level

1. Go to Products > Manage Products > select the product you wish to update.

2. Click Edit Option

3. Under “Activity setup” in the left-hand side menu, click "Option setup".

4. Scroll down to “How far in advance do you stop accepting new bookings before the activity starts”, select the cut-off time needed from the drop-down menu > Save.

5. Repeat for each option.

Updating your cut-off time on time slot level 

This enables you even more last minute availability. If you know that your tour will begin at a specific starting time, you can lower the cut-off time for that particular time slot to make sure the remaining places are booked. For example, you can update your cut-off time for your 10 AM tour to 0 hours and keep your 3 PM tour set with a 3 hour cut-off time. 

To change the cut-off time on time slot level:

1. Click the blue Edit button next to the cut-off time.  

2. Select the cut-off time needed > Save

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