Itineraries - Frequently Asked Questions

This article provides the answers to the most commonly asked questions about itineraries.

If you are looking for more precise information about using the itinerary builder, please read the creating and editing an itinerary article. 

  • Where can I find the builder?

For existing products:

1. Find the product you would like to add the itinerary to by selecting Manage > Product details from the top navigation.

2. An overview will open up. Search for your product name, or use the available filters.

3. Once you’ve found the product, click on the “Edit product” button.

4. If the itinerary builder is enabled for this particular product, it will appear at the bottom of the left-hand side menu.

For new activities:

As you progress with setting up your new product, the builder will show up automatically once certain pieces of information have been added. Before you can start building an itinerary, information in the “Meeting point & pickup” section (under Options) needs to be filled in.

  • Why don't I see the builder for my activity?

The itinerary builder is currently only available for activities in selected categories - for example day trips, guided walking & motorized tours, panoramic bus tours, city cruises, boat tours. At this point, using the builder in categories like attraction tickets, transfers, hop-on hop-off buses or boats, multi-day trips, or city cards is not possible.

We are working on improving the current version of the builder, as well as making it available for more categories in the future.

  • Getting started - there is so much to say! What information should I include in my itinerary?

Think about the most important aspects of your activity - and the order in which they will be happening. What are the main sites customers will see? How will they experience each of the places - will there be a guided tour, some free time, or particularly scenic views? How long will they stay in each place - or will it be only passed by and seen from a boat or coach? Will they be traveling between places - if yes, how long will the transfers take, and what vehicle will be used? Will there be breaks for coffee, lunch or photo stops?

Use these to create an overview of your activity - once customers get the general understanding, they can continue to read about more details in the descriptions you provide on the activity page.

For the best customer experience, make sure the information in your visual itinerary is reflected in the activity descriptions, highlights, as well as inclusions and exclusions. 

At this point, an activity can have only one itinerary. If your activity has more than one option, you can still include this information in the itinerary by marking the given step as optional and indicating that this part of your activity requires an additional fee:

  • I didn’t set up the information about the start and end points in the itinerary. Where is this information coming from?

This information is collected directly from the Meeting Point, Pickup, and Drop off information provided in the set up of all active Options of your activity. If you wish to change these, you can do so in the “Meeting point & pickup” section of the Options set up.

  • Start or end point of the itinerary is not matching the information I provided in the Options. How can I correct it? 

This information can be only edited in the "Meeting point & pickup” section of the Options set up. We recommend making sure that information provided there is as precise as possible in order to provide the best customer experience. For example, if the meeting point is by a museum or venue, or on a square, consider searching for and including the name of the museum or square, not just the address.

You can learn more about setting up Meeting Point and Pickup in this article.

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