Setting meeting point and pickup

Meeting point and pickup locations are one of the most important pieces of information for customers. Having unclear or inaccurate location details may mean your product is quality failed or, if it passes the quality check process, may result in customer complaints.

A meeting point is defined as: A specific place where you meet customers before an activity. 

Pickup can be by vehicle or on foot, and the pickup place depends on your preference. You can specify whether you’ll pick up from an area or provide a list of addresses, which may not necessarily be from the customer’s accommodation. 

  1. Products > Manage products > Select Product > Edit Option 

  2. Below “Option setup” on the left-hand side menu select Meeting point & pickup.

  3. Choose between “They go to a set meeting point” and “They can choose where you pick them up from certain areas or a list of places”.

Note: If you offer customers the option to choose between pickup and meeting point, you’ll need to create 2 separate options. If the pick-up/meeting points at different points within the same city you’ll also need to create a separate option for each.


Option 1: Hanoi Food Tour w/Pick-up in French Quarter
Option 2: Hanoi Food Tour w/Pick-up in Ba Dinh District

Option 1:  Pickup from Hotel
Option 2: Meeting point

Option 1: From airport to city center/accommodation
Option 2: From accommodation to airport
Option 3: Roundtrip

Setting Meeting Points

  1. Go to Add meeting point address > input the specific address where you will meet your customers > select the address from the drop-down menu.

  2. Drag and drop the map pin if necessary to the exact place.

  3. Choose between “This is exactly where customers should come” and “It's not possible to set an exact location. This is approximate” > Save Address.

  4. Describe the meeting point using short, simple instructions: what should customers look for at the meeting point? Is there a specific landmark or place to meet? 

  5. Repeat for the "Drop-off" section. if you don’t offer a drop-off service then select “No drop-off service, the customer stays at the site or destination”.

Note: If you select “This is exactly where customers should come” the location information will be displayed on their booking voucher. When the map is set to “it’s not possible to set an exact location”, it will not appear on the voucher.

Setting Pick-up

  1. Choose between "You’ll pick them up at any address in areas you specify" and "You’ll pick them up at specific places".
  2. Go to Add area or Add address.

3. Describe the pick-up service to give customers a better idea of what to look out for (please add in the description details of the pick-up service ex. Type of vehicle, signage..)

4. Select the time that you will pick up customers > Save and continue.

5. Repeat if you offer a drop-off service.

Setting the Transportation for Pick-up and Drop-off

If you use transportation to pick up and drop off customers at the beginning and/or end of the activity you will be required to add the type of vehicle to your pick-up information.

This transportation focuses solely on pick-up and drop-off. If you need to configure the transportation used during the activity please check out our article on uploading products.

1. Click Add entry

2. Select the mode of transportation used

3. Press Save entry


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