Creating and editing an itinerary

Adding an itinerary to your product page is an easy way to show potential customers where they will go, what they will do, and how they will spend their time during the activity you are offering. Having this overview helps customers with making their booking decision faster and with more confidence.

Getting started - what information should I include in my itinerary?

Think about the most important aspects of your activity - and the order in which they will be happening. What are the main sites customers will see? How will they experience each of the places - will there be a guided tour, some free time, or particularly scenic views? How long will they stay in each place - or will it be only passed by and seen from a boat or coach? Will they be traveling between places - if yes, how long will the transfers take, and what vehicle will be used? Will there be breaks for coffee, lunch or photo stops?

Use these to create an overview of your activity - once customers get the general understanding, they can continue to read about more details in the descriptions you provide on the activity page.

For the best customer experience, make sure the information in your visual itinerary is reflected in the activity descriptions, highlights, as well as inclusions and exclusions. 

At this point, an activity can have only one itinerary. If your activity has more than one option, you can still include this information in the itinerary by marking the given step as optional and indicating that this part of your activity requires an additional fee:



Working with the itinerary builder - best practices

Start and end locations

This information is collected directly from the Meeting Point, Pickup, and Drop off information provided in the setup of all active Options of your activity. If you wish to change these, you can do so in the “Meeting point & pickup” section of the Options set up.

Activity or Transfer?

Select Activity to indicate important stops during the experience, locations where these stops will be happening, and what customers will be doing

  • For non-stop boat cruises or panoramic bus tours, select a series of Activities to show main points of interest that will be passed by during the experience

Select Transfer to indicate parts of the experience when customers will be traveling from one place to another, for example, between meeting point and the first important location, or between two important points of interest

  • Customers find it especially important to understand if there will be longer periods of time they will be spending in transfer. Keep in mind to mention these cases to set up customers’ expectations correctly

  • You don’t need to mention transfers specifically for experiences like non-stop boat cruises or panoramic bus tours. If you offer a sightseeing city cruise, it is clear from the overall activity setup that customers will spend the whole time on the boat

Activity types - what happens during each part of your experience?

Use the dropdown or the list to select activities that will best describe what customers can expect to be doing during each part of the experience. In later steps, you can also specify how long each of the activities will take, if they are optional, and if participating in them will require an additional fee. 

If you have more than one activity happening in the same location, you might want to consider breaking the itinerary down into more steps, to give a more precise overview of each step. This is especially important to separate optional and non-optional activities.


More precise:
Old Town Main Square
Guided tour (1 hour)

Old Town Main Square
Free time (30 minutes)

Less precise:
Old Town Main Square
Guided tour, Free time (1 hour 30 minutes)


Make sure the most important locations are included in your itinerary. For an even better customer experience, ensure that the itinerary refers to the locations you mention in the title of the product as well as in other product descriptions.

  • If the location you want to use has been tagged to your activity before, you will find it in the dropdown

  • If you wish to add another location, you can do so by clicking on “Add new location” at the bottom of the dropdown

  • If certain activities are happening in locations that do not have a specific address, or the place might change based on the time of the week or availability - use one of the non-specific locations from the list 


Use this field to indicate how long a transfer or an activity will take. 

If the duration is irrelevant to your activity (for example, a point of interest will be only passed by from a boat), use the option to Skip duration.

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