Blocking and unblocking dates

You can manually block specific dates on each of your products if you do not want customers to be able to book on those dates. 

If you know that you won’t be offering your product on specific dates of the year, for e.g. during public holidays, you can block these out.

Note: You can only block or unblock dates once your product is live and bookable.

To block out a specific date/s:

1. Go to Agenda in the top menu bar.

2. Select Agenda from the drop down menu.

3. Use the filters on the left hand side to filter by product, option, or date to find the right product and option that you would like to block or unblock.

4. Use the toggle to block or unblock as shown:

Bulk Editing on the Agenda Page

If you need to block more dates and multiple slots you can use the bulk editing feature, which is a real time saver. This means that it is possible to apply a change to multiple time slots at once.

To block out multiple dates:


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