When (not) to upload a new activity

A new activity should be uploaded if it’s completely different from any other activity you offer in your inventory. Before deciding if a new activity should actually be a new activity, take a look at this FAQ to check if you need to add a new option instead. 

Lots of differences between experiences you offer (such as private/shared, duration, and routes) can be added as options. Activity is needed if the experiences are very different or if they start from different cities.


  • The itinerary varies a lot (e.g. Ticket-Only City Cruise/Live Show City Cruise with Dinner)
  • Starting city is over 50 km away (From Berlin: History of Hamburg Guided Tour/History of Hamburg Guided Tour *that starts from Hamburg)
  • Very different experiences (e.g. Day Burj Khalifa Ticket/Sunrise Ticket)

If you decided to upload a new activity, follow the steps outlined here. If you decided to upload a new option, follow the ones here

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