Changes to your activity descriptions

In order to change the content of a product that is already online, you can make an edit in the section that requires changing. Edits should only be submitted when you need to update factual or key pieces of information. When inserting content, please be aware that it will be immediately visible on the activity page.

All sections of the requested changes must be in line with GetYourGuide’s guidelines, so they will be reviewed afterwards.

To make a change 

  1. Go to Products Manage Products.
  2. Select the product you wish to update > click Edit option.
  3. On the left-hand side menu, select the product area you want to request a change for.
  4. Simply click into the field, make a change, and save it either by clicking Save and Exit or Continue.

Make the changes to the content in English. Anything you insert will be immediately visible on the activity page, so please ensure you insert high-quality and clear content. When making changes, look at other sections of the activity that might be affected.

Best practices 


  • Check for spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Add the content in English 
  • Follow the tips and examples that are provided to you
  • Check if multiple content sections are affected by the same change
  • Write in a clear way that any non-native English-speaking traveler can understand
  • Keep your content up-to-date


  • Leave anything up for interpretation; all the content sections need to be consistent and match for travelers to have full clarity 
  • Write whole words or sentences in caps lock
  • Add any internal communication meant for the content team of GetYourGuide
  • Rewrite whole activities 
  • Write in any language other than English 

Content reviews

Your changes may be reviewed by the content editing team. If a change does not match with the GetYourGuide guidelines, you will receive an email either informing you that it has been modified, or that you need to take further action.

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