Optimizing products

Optimizing your product can help maximize product sales.

Optimization suggestions are based on performance analysis taken from GetYourGuide data. The system will automatically indicate the areas that can be improved such as sales or content and will outline the actions you should take to improve optimization. 

 To check if your product needs to be optimized:

1. Go to Products > Manage products.

2.  Click the 3 dots icon on the right-hand side. If the “Optimize” button appears, there is an opportunity for you to improve your product and maximize your sales. Click Optimize.



Note: If the "Optimize" button doesn't appear on the main page, it means your product already has a healthy set-up.

3. Click on the suggested action buttons. You will be redirected to the specific section where you can make the necessary optimization changes. 

In the “Optimize sales” section, you may be prompted to: 

  • Add availability

  • Reduce minimum participants

  • Reduce cut-off time


In the “Optimize Content” section, you may be prompted to: 

  • Upload photos.

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