How to drive more bookings with the GetYourGuide Pro-Photography service

For suppliers in the US, Canada, UK, or Australia, we have good news: You can use GetYourGuide’s Professional Photography services to create high-quality images that drive more bookings. 

(Are you a supplier outside of these areas? Then keep your eyes open as we will be expanding these services soon.)

To give you a bigger picture (no pun intended), we’ve seen that producing imagery with photoshoots and optimized imagery drove a 2.7% lift in booking conversions for participating local partners. 

Whether you choose to take images with your phone or opt for our professional photography services, great images will go a long way. In this article, you’ll learn more about how our pro photography services work and what you can expect.

How you can use our professional photographs to stand out from the competition

What exactly can you do with your exceptional images?

  • Attract more people to your product page through high-quality, accurate imagery

  • Highlight the unique details of your activity to help potential customers understand why they should choose you over another similar provider

  • Take advantage of our data-driven approach, capturing imagery that converts and appeals to a high-quality, high-spending audience

  • Use the GetYourGuide imagery on your own website, social media to optimize all your own marketing channels


What’s included in the service?

Thinking about turning to our professionals? Here’s what you’ll get.

Extensive coverage

We've vetted the best photographers across North America, UK, and Australia. 

Comprehensive briefing 

We continually optimize our photographer brief based on data and insights to ensure your content is as powerful as possible

Fully inclusive service

We take care of the whole process, from briefing and coordinating, to quality control and uploading.


All content is curated, edited, and uploaded in high-quality to your product page.

How does it work?

To ensure our photographs impress your views, we follow a careful process.

1. Submit request & prepayment

Request a quote and our team will get in touch within 3 working days with the exact pricing for your tour.

Approve the price by signing the photoshoot agreement and make the prepayment for the photoshoot. 

2. Scheduling

Once the prepayment is made, our team will reach out for your preferred photoshoot date and time and match you with one of our experienced photographers in your local area.

3. Preparation & Photoshoot

Notify your ground staff that a photographer will be joining. 

All willing tour participants will be respectfully asked to sign a model release form. 

Alternatively, you can provide member(s) of your staff as the model(s) for the day. 

4. Post-Production & Publishing

Our imagery experts will edit and curate your new image gallery and publish it directly on your product page.

Final images will be shared with you that you can use freely on your own channels when crediting GetYourGuide.

Information on pricing and requesting a quote

Photoshoot pricing is based on duration. Submit your tour details, including your name, tour ID, and preferred duration for an exact quote. 

How to find your tour ID:

Find your product link on, and the numbers following the letter “T” is your tour ID.


Frequently asked questions

What kind of photos will be produced?

To paint a realistic picture and create correct customer expectations, we use a "documentary" photography style. This captures your experience in a candid and authentic way.

You'll come away with a wide range of images, from atmosphere and wide views, to people enjoying your experience.

Can I use the images from the photoshoot anywhere else? 

You’ll receive the final selection of images without watermarks. 

You can use the images in any way you wish, from your website and social media channels to your flyers, provided you include the following accreditations: 

(c) GetYourGuide, 2023

You may not use the images on other third party websites or other OTAs.

Do I need model(s) on the day of the photoshoot?

We highly recommend you to provide member(s) of your staff as model(s) on the day of the photoshoot. When you have a willing and comfortable participant in front of the camera, you will usually see better quality results and more engaging images.

If this is not possible, our photographers come briefed and trained to respectfully approach your tour participants and ask them to be featured in the images. All willing participants will be asked to sign a model release form.

Can I select my photographer?

We will assign a photographer from our wide network according to availability and specialization to match the experience you’re offering. 

Once they’ve been assigned you will be informed of their name and how to get in touch with them if needed leading up to the shoot. 

How many photographers will be joining?

We assign one photographer to shoot each activity / attraction. 

We kindly ask that you save a spot for them during the selected photoshoot time and date.

How do you handle rescheduling?

Photoshoots can be rescheduled for free up to 2 working days before the scheduled time. 

If you cancel or reschedule within 2 days, you will bear the full cost of the cancellation or the new scheduled shoot date.

We highly encourage you to closely monitor the weather conditions during the days leading up to the photoshoot and reschedule in due time if the weather conditions will be unfavorable. 

How do you handle copyright complexities?

Usually, we only encounter copyright issues with attractions (such as copyrighted artworks in museums). Please flag this issue to our team early on during the scheduling process so we can try to work around the limitations.

For these instances, we will send over the final results for approval where they can give us input on which images not to include in the final selection. 

When is the best time/day to have the photoshoot?

It’s your photographer’s job to capture genuine interactions and engagement between your tour participants and the sights they see. To assist with this, we recommend scheduling your photoshoot during the opening hours or operating times.

However, if this is not possible, we recommend asking your staff member(s) to model authentically during the photoshoot. 

What if I need a license to photograph the sights on the tour?

If you need a license to photograph any part of the tour, we ask that you secure it before the photoshoot date. 

Should the photographer need to work around any copyrighted or licensed part of the tour / activity, please inform us of any special requirements.

How will we get the rights to show people's faces in the imagery?

Our photographer will collect digital model releases from willing participants and the guide (if any). 

Our photographers have been briefed to be respectful of participants and will respect the wishes of people who do not wish to appear on those images. 


Make people crave your experience with incredible images

You deserve images that radiate authenticity and spark interest. Contact to get in touch with our imagery experts.

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