How to prepare to take photos of your experience

You’ve already put so much thought into creating an unforgettable experience for your customers. The only question is: Have you put the same level of effort into your photographs? 

If you have, you may have seen a 2.7% increase in your booking conversions. If you haven’t, this article outlines how you can start.

Balance authenticity with preparation 

Your page visitors are most attracted to photos with genuine and authentic moments. Although moments like that happen when you least expect it, you can take a few steps to make sure the photo comes out in the best way possible. 

  • Prioritize the light. Your visitors want to see the reality of your activity. 

    • DO: Pick a day where the weather conditions bring out the best in your activity. Even if it’s indoors, the conditions outside can still have an impact on the light inside. Let the colors and textures in your experience shine.

    • DON’T: Take photos at a time of day or season that don’t accurately reflect the experience. For instance, if your tour happens in the evening, don’t take photos in the middle of the day. Your customers will feel confused and misled otherwise.

  • Shoot photos documentary style. Take photos as your experience happens. This way, you can capture the atmosphere of your activity and the joy on your guests’ faces. 

  • Have a model release handy. When people do appear in your photos, you want to make sure you can legally use them. Get permission and collect model releases to help with that. Don’t have a copy? Download the following template

Prioritize emotional moments

Good pictures show off your activity. Great pictures create an emotional connection with the viewer. To do this, we recommend featuring participants in your images. When potential customers see people participating in your activity, they’ll want to join in on the fun.

  • DO: Feel free to use “models” in your photos to illustrate your experience. Have the “models” literally participate in the experience and document their authentic reactions.
  • DON’T: Pose your “models” to try to replicate real emotional responses. The second your potential customers smell a whiff of inauthenticity, they’ll be out. 

Highlight your incredible staff

If your staff plays an important role in your experience, you might want to feature them in your images too. Embrace the opportunity to highlight the amazing people who work hard to make your experience happen. 

  • DO: Inform your staff of the shoot and get their consent. Direct them to interact as they normally would with customers while providing the tour.
  • DON’T: Feature staff interacting with customers in ways that are not part of the experience being offered. For example, if you’re offering a boat tour with a pre-recorded guide track, don’t feature a live tour guide. Setting the right expectations will keep your visitors happy.

Prepare for your shoot with your Preparation Checklist:

Before you say “Lights, camera, action,” consult this checklist.

  • Check your activity’s time slots to make sure that’s when you’re shooting your images.
  • Check the weather and pick a day that showcases your activity in its best light.
  • Inform any staff that photos will be taken. Collect model releases for your safekeeping.
  • Have model releases ready for any participants who will appear in the photos.
  • Double-check that your camera or phone camera are correctly set up to take photos. Get tips on proper camera set up
  • Review the composition tips.
  • Don’t forget to have fun!

Get the full set up tips and tricks for improving your activity photos yourself:

  1. How to take photos of your activity using just your phone 
  2. How to prepare to take photos of your experience 
  3. How to select and edit your photos for optimal bookings

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