How to select and edit your photos for optimal bookings

To help your experience shine through on your activity page, taking great photos is the first step. Learn how you can do this without professional help. Unsure how to prep? Read this article. Once you’ve prepared properly and captured compelling moments, the next step is curating and editing your selection of photos.

How to select the top images

Your images introduce viewers to your activity. This gives you the perfect opportunity to highlight what makes it unique and unforgettable. Intrigue potential visitors by telling a story with your visuals. 

  • Let your activity shine through. Pick authentic-looking photos that show off the real experience. Your customers are drawn to real emotions, not posed images.
  • Balance inspiration and information. Your visitors crave equal amounts of excitement and education.
  • The more unique photos, the merrier. Duplicated images tell a repetitive story and will be deleted

Important things to consider for your first photo

Your potential customers will see this image the most often across the marketplace. For that reason, you’ll want to take special consideration to make sure it helps you stand out. 


  • Take wider shots that showcase lots of information about the tour itself. Give your viewers a glimpse into the action.
  • Use well-composed photos. Photos that use the rule of thirds as well as guiding lines will be the most effective.
  • Select a photo with vibrant colors. Dull images won’t catch the eye.
  • Keep in mind the size of activity cards. Keep the content as visible as possible, even in a smaller size.


  • Use close-up or sensory shots. 
  • Stage or pose people. Inauthenticity can be seen from a mile away.
  • Upload images that look like stock photos. Your visitors aren’t drawn to clichés.
  • Add photos of crowds
  • Show images of messy food. If you do serve food or snacks during your tour, highlight when or how it’s served, rather than the aftermath.

Here are some examples of strong first photos:

Important things to consider for your first four photos

Your four photos appear as a collage. That’s why we recommend putting extra thought into them. 


  • Feature your tour’s highlights. Find out what people love most about your activity — that will help you drive new bookings.
  • Complement your images to the available information about your activity. Give visual examples to match the rest of the information.
  • Create a dynamic visual experience. Ensure that the four images complement each other both in subject and color. A little variety goes a long way in keeping people interested.


  • Use repetitive images. The best stories take unexpected turns and twists.
  • Upload images without a clear narrative. Your potential customers should know exactly what they’re looking at and why.

Here are a few real examples of the first four selections done well:

Important things to consider after your first four photos

After your first four photos, you can provide more detailed insight into your activity. 

  • Tell a chronological story. The best stories have a clear beginning, middle, and end. 
  • Use the rest of the gallery to show customers practical information. For instance, what kind of vehicles are used, what kind of food you offer, among other details.
  • More is more. Add as many unique photos as possible to show the full experience with imagery.

Here are some real examples of additional photos added to activities:

Heraklion: CRETAquarium Admission Ticket:

New Orleans: Garden District Food and History Tour:

Oahu: Waimea Waterfall & Circle Island Adventure Tour:

How to compose your photos

Keep these composition tips in mind as you select your photos. 

  • Learn the Rule of Thirds. The Rule of Thirds involves thinking about your images as if they’ve been split in thirds, both horizontally and vertically. Discover more on why this leads to a better experience for your viewers.
    • DO: Place your main subjects where grid lines intersect and keep them slightly off center.
    • DON’T: Put your main content in the top or the bottom third of the photos. Doing so can put your content at risk, as your images get used in different sizes on our platform.

  • Keep your images in focus. Sharp, clear images better capture the essence of your experience.
    • DO: Use autofocus
    • DON’T: Take photos with one hand on the move. Steady the camera with both hands and take your photos with intention.

  • Use the zoom sparingly.Your customers  want to know what to expect from your experience. Putting the main subject of your image in a wider context will help with that.
    • DO: Save the close crops and zoom for specific parts of your experience. Closeups work great to showcase a local dish or gift you offer.
    • DON’T: Saturate your gallery with too many close up photos. Remember, your visitors want to see themselves in your activity. For that reason, most of your activity photos should be in a wider context.

How to edit your photos (without the help of a professional)

Despite what some say, you don’t need a team of professionals to edit your photos. Following the simple tips and tricks listed below should make all the difference. 

  • For smart adjustments, hit “auto edit” in your phone editor
  • You can find it here: camera roll > edit > auto enhance

  • To brighten dark areas and bring up low lights, use the “shadow” adjustment on your in-phone editing software. You can usually locate this in the exposure settings.
    • Avoid bringing it to full strength or your photos will look washed out. Your visitors would rather see natural, authentic-looking photos.
    • Tone down bright areas. If auto adjustments didn’t even out the photo enough, you can use “highlights” to bring down bright areas. (Again, this usually sits in the exposure settings.)

  • Want to crop and straighten? Remember to keep composition principles and the rule of thirds in mind when doing so. 
    • Don’t crop too much and leave plenty of space around your main subject. 
    • Use the grid in the straightening tool to keep your lines straight. 

Get the full set up tips and tricks for improving your activity photos yourself:

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