Adding locations to your product

You can add major sites or points of interest to your product quickly and easily.

Locations can be added only while initially adding a new product. 

Locations cannot be edited after the product has been approved. However, if you need to make changes in locations please use the supplier contact form and select the following contact reason:

To add locations to new products:

  1. Go to Manage > Products > Edit details
  2. Go to Edit Product > Location, on the left sidebar
  3. Check the suggestions generated by GetYourGuide and accept the ones that are relevant to your activity

  4. Add any further sites or point of interest that are visited during the activity in the search bar. If it’s not available, you can search for it with Google Maps and suggest it to us.

  5. Add the location and choose the visit type. They help travelers understand how the sites during the activity are experienced.

  6. You can save the location step by clicking Continue only after selecting the entry types.


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