When (not) to add a new option

What is a new option? 

A new option is a variation or a different way of experiencing an existing activity. Given that options include the price and the availability, they are how bookings are made. One activity can have one or multiple options, but at least one is the minimum in order for the activity to be bookable. 

We recommend a maximum of 8 options per activity and language.

When should a new option be added?

Change in duration or validity

  • 1-Hour Tour/2-Hour Tour
  • 1-Day Hop-On Hop-Off/2-Day Hop-On Hop-Off 
  • Half-Day Cruise/Full-Day Cruise
  • 24-Hours City Pass/48-Hours City Pass/72-Hours City Pass

Differences in group size or private/shared

  • Small-Group Tour/Large-Group Tour
  • Private Tour/Shared Tour
  • Private Transfer/Shared Transfer 

Multiple meeting points

  • Each option can have only one meeting point. If there are multiple meeting points they need to be one option for each, e.g. Tour with Meeting Point at Alexanderplatz/Tour with Meeting Point at Hackescher Markt.

Pickup locations with different prices

  • Pickup locations/areas can be in the same option if they have the same price. Otherwise, they need to be split into different options, e.g. Pickup within Berlin Ring Area/Pickup within Berlin City.

Additional language

  • Normally, languages can be listed under one option. However, in cases when a different language has different starting times, price, group size, or any other settings on the option level, they should be split into different options.

Different inclusions 

  • Tour with Lunch/Tour without Lunch;
  • Tour with Meeting Point/Tour with Pickup
  • Ticket to the First Floor Only /Ticket to All Floors

Different routes

  • Purple Hop On Hop Off Line versus Silver Hop On Hop Off Line

When should a new option not be added?

To update availability or pricing 

Anything related to starting time, opening hours, price categories, and special offers can be done within the already-existing option.

If the option is too different from the activity

In this case, the best is to check if the option can fit into a different activity you offer or if it should be a whole new activity.

  • The itinerary varies a lot, and it would mean completely rewriting the activity description (e.g. Ticket-Only City Cruise/Live Show City Cruise with Dinner)
  • Starting city is over 50 km away (From Berlin: History of Hamburg Guided Tour/History of Hamburg Guided Tour *that starts from Hamburg)
  • Very different experiences (e.g. Day Burj Khalifa Ticket/Sunrise Ticket)

The option contains very small upgrades that should be add-ons within the price of an existing option

  • Towel for a spa or sauna
  • Equipment rental
  • Small beverage upgrade
  • Map of the city

Best practices when adding new options 

Option titles

To ensure maximum clarity, add option titles following the same format so that customers can clearly read and understand the difference between multiple options. Go back to the existing options and edit them as well. They should be as easy to scan and compare as possible. 

  • 1-Day Admission Ticket/2-Day Admission Ticket
  • Early Departure without Pickup/Early Departure with Pickup/Late Departure with Pickup/Late Departure without Pickup
  • 2-Hour Sunset Zodiac Whale Watch from Baie-Ste-Catherine/2-Hour Morning Zodiac Whale Watch from Baie-Ste-Catherine

Option descriptions

They are not necessary unless option titles cannot explain the difference between options.

Some rare cases where option descriptions are needed are when inclusions drastically vary per option, and it cannot be clearly displayed in inclusions and option titles. 

If you want to learn more about uploading options, follow this link



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