Pricing Categories for Connected Products

Streamlining Pricing Categories for Connected Products on GetYourGuide

Automated Import Process

To facilitate a seamless integration of pricing categories, it's essential that your reservation system incorporates GetYourGuide's "Categories over API" feature.

  • Direct Import from Your Reservation System:

If your system has adopted this feature, pricing category data will be automatically imported, populating a pre-filled form with the details from your reservation system.

  • Editing Imported Data:

You have the flexibility to modify the imported data. For guidance on editing options, refer to the manual input section below.


Note:  Be aware that any modifications to the imported data could lead to discrepancies between GetYourGuide and your reservation system configurations, potentially hindering your product's online availability. Ensure accuracy before making any changes.

Manual Input for Pricing Categories

  • Setting Up Manually

If your reservation system does not support the "Price Categories over API" feature, manual entry of pricing details is required.

  • Determining Your Pricing Structure:
    • Price Per Person: Choose this for individual pricing categories (e.g., youth, adult, child).
    • Price Per Group/Vehicle: Opt for this if pricing is based on group size or per vehicle capacity.

Note: It's not possible to mix both pricing structures for the same offering. If your activity accommodates both, please submit each pricing setup as distinct options.

Adding New Pricing Categories

  • Select Pricing Basis: Decide if your pricing is uniform or age-dependent.
    • Uniform pricing: Select "The price is the same for everyone."
    • Age-dependent pricing: Choose "Price depends on age" and specify categories like adults, children, seniors, etc.


Note: Ensure your age groups span from 0 to 99 years, marking any age groups as "Not Permitted" where necessary.

After setting up your pricing categories, click "Save and Continue" to proceed to the pricing page.

Utilizing Advanced Category Settings

Enable the 'Advanced settings' to further refine your category specifications as needed for activity-specific restrictions, such as age limits for participation, ticket requirements, and adult supervision for children



Once adjustments are complete, select "Save and Continue" to finalize your pricing setup.

This streamlined approach ensures your offerings are accurately represented on GetYourGuide, enhancing the booking experience for travelers worldwide.


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