Product validation for Connected Products

Understanding the Product Validation Process

After you've meticulously set up Pricing, Capacity, and Parameters for your offerings, GetYourGuide initiates an automatic validation process. This crucial step ensures that your product meets all necessary criteria and, if successful, allows it to go live on the platform.

Navigating Validation Challenges

Despite careful preparation, there are instances where a product might not pass the validation phase. This could be due to various reasons, often related to discrepancies or issues within the data provided.

If Your Product Does Not Pass Validation:

Should your product encounter validation issues, the first step is to reach out to your Reservation System provider. They play a critical role in troubleshooting and resolving any problems that might have led to the validation failure.

By collaborating closely with your Reservation System provider, you can quickly address and rectify any issues, paving the way for your product to successfully go live on GetYourGuide.

This validation process is a testament to GetYourGuide's commitment to ensuring that all experiences offered through our platform meet our high standards for quality and accuracy, providing travelers with exceptional experiences around the globe.

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