Updating the maximum group size

Correctly setting the maximum amount of participants according to your capacity helps you to manage customer expectations. Customers want to know the maximum possible number of participants attending an activity before booking to ensure it is the right experience for them. 

You can specify the maximum total number of participants for your activity in the maximum group size section of the supplier portal.

Note: This number includes customers who book outside of GetYourGuide.

To update the maximum group size:

  1. Go to Products > Manage products
  2. Select the product you wish to update > Edit Option
  3. Under Activity setup, on the left-hand side menu, go to Option setup >scroll down to Maximum group size

4. From here, choose the exact maximum possible number of participants that can do your activity. If you don't have any participant restrictions, select no limit

In order to correctly set up your product, please make sure the maximum value that you fill in the maximum group size number corresponds to the group size number in the pricing section. 

The maximum group size section and the pricing section are two separate fields of the supplier administration and both are used to indicate the maximum group size. 

If you limit the number of participants in the pricing, you need to make sure to update the maximum group size section as well.

For e.g., “1-20” in the pricing section means “20” is the maximum number of bookable persons for your activity and you should have the same number in the maximum group size section. 

To avoid overbooking your activity and to limit customers it is important that these settings correlate.

In order to update the maximum number of participants in the pricing please check out this article.

How the maximum group size is displayed

The group size information will be displayed on your product´s page as follows:

Small group (with group size max from 1-15): Up to 15 people

Medium group (with group size max from 15-25): Up to 25 people

Large group (with group size max more than 26+): No max group size

You can see a live example here.

Connected products

If your product is connected to an API (Application Program Interface), the participant’s category (adult, child, infant, group, etc), and the maximum or the minimum number of participants should match in both your API and your GetYourGuide’s Supplier Administration. Discrepancies between platforms may generate mapping, booking, or connection failures.

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