Setting up Product configuration for connected products

Optimizing Your Product Configuration for Connected Experiences

Ensuring your product is correctly configured is a crucial step in showcasing your offerings on GetYourGuide. This process is essential for making your product available online and requires that you have already completed the connectivity settings.

Essential Steps for Configuring Your Connected Product

To successfully configure your connected product on GetYourGuide, it's important to focus on three key details:

  • Pricing Categories: Define the different pricing tiers for your product to accommodate various customer needs.
  • Capacity information: Provide clear details on the available spots for each experience, helping manage customer expectations and bookings.
  • Price : Set your product's price, ensuring it reflects the value and quality of the experience offered.

These critical parameters can be seamlessly integrated from your reservation system or manually entered, offering flexibility in how you manage your product's presence on GetYourGuide.

By attentively setting up your product configuration, you're taking an important step towards enhancing your visibility and appeal on our platform, ultimately leading to a more successful partnership.


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