Connecting a new product to your Reservation system

GetYourGuide is proud to partner with leading reservation systems, ticketing platforms, and channel managers across the travel experience industry. To streamline your product integration, we support a wide array of systems, each with tailored instructions available here.

Quick Start Guide to System Connection

Connecting your product to your preferred system via the GetYourGuide Supplier API is straightforward with most supported platforms. Here’s how to get started using your GetYourGuide Supplier Administration account:

  1. Activate GetYourGuide Integration: Begin by enabling GetYourGuide integration within your reservation system and note the Product IDs provided by your system. Learn more about this process.
  2. Link Your Product in GetYourGuide:
    • Navigate to Products → Manage Products in your Supplier Administration account.
    • Select the product you wish to connect and click on Edit details.
    • Under Options, pick the product option for connection and select Connectivity Settings → Edit.
    • When asked if you use a booking system for availability, choose Yes and select your system from the dropdown menu.
  3. Manual Product ID Entry: For your initial product connection, you'll need to manually input the product ID. This step enables automatic ID generation for future products from your reservation system.

  4. Synchronize Product Lists: Ensure your Reservation System has activated the Product list feature for automatic product list synchronization. If this feature is not available, manually enter the product ID from your system and click Connect.

  5. Mapping Products Without Direct Support: If your reservation system does not directly support product mapping through the GetYourGuide Supplier Administration, utilize our Mapping form for each product listed on GetYourGuide. This may require extra time and effort.





Finalizing the Connection

After completing these steps, GetYourGuide will work to link your product with your system. This process needs to be repeated for each product option you wish to integrate.

Troubleshooting: If you encounter any errors during connection, please record the error message and consult your Reservation System for further assistance.

Not Finding Your System? If your booking system is not listed, review our Supported systems and instructions. For systems not currently integrated, encourage your provider to visit our Integrator Portal for guidance on developing compatibility with GetYourGuide.

By following these steps, you will efficiently connect your offerings with GetYourGuide, enhancing your visibility and accessibility to travelers worldwide.

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