Capacity information for Connected Products

Managing Capacity Information for Connected Products

Streamlining Capacity Setup Through Automated Import

  • Integrating with Your Reservation System

To ensure a seamless experience, your reservation system must incorporate GetYourGuide's "Product Details" feature.

  • Direct Import of Capacity Data:

If your system supports "Product Details over API," your capacity information will automatically populate a pre-filled form with the data from your reservation system, simplifying the setup process.

  • Modifying Imported Data:

You have the flexibility to adjust the capacity information imported from your reservation system.

Note: Please be aware that any alterations to the imported data could lead to inconsistencies between your product's configuration on GetYourGuide and in your reservation system. Such discrepancies may hinder your product's ability to go live on the platform. Exercise caution and verify accuracy before making any changes.

Manual Entry of Capacity Details

  • Setting Up Capacity  for Unsupported Systems

If your reservation system lacks support for "Price Categories over API,"  manual input of capacity details will be necessary.

  • Minimum Participants: Specify the lowest number of participants required for the product to proceed.
  • Maximum Participants: Enter the highest number of participants permitted per booking.

After completing your capacity information, click "Save and Continue" to advance to the Pricing Page.

By accurately managing your capacity information, whether through automated import or manual entry, you ensure that your offerings on GetYourGuide are presented with up-to-date and precise details, enhancing the booking experience for travelers worldwide.

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