Local Bank Transfer vs International Bank transfer

Local Bank Transfer

We use Hyperwallet, a third-party payment provider, to handle local transfer payments.

Hyperwallet processes payments as local transactions, which helps avoid international wires and foreign exchange fees. 

The costs associated with using Hyperwallet are transparent, with no hidden foreign exchange fees involved. 

For security, Hyperwallet employs stringent measures to protect your personal and banking information. In some instances, Hyperwallet might request additional documents to comply with legal regulations, to avoid any delays in receiving payments, please provide the requested information as soon as possible. 

Signing Up with Hyperwallet:

When you become a supplier with GetYourGuide, you have the option to select “local payment” and use Hyperwallet for secure payment transfers. To start the sign-up process, click on the link provided in the email and follow the guided steps. 

You will need to provide complete profile information. 

Verification of your identity is required, for which you might need to submit additional documents. This is a necessary step to comply with international and local laws. 

Enter the details of your local bank account accurately. Once your account is set up and verified, you will receive a confirmation and can then start receiving payments through Hyperwallet.

International Bank Transfer

An international payment transaction is a transfer of money between parties in different countries. This might involve converting currency from one country's money to another's based on current exchange rates.

Please note that GetYourGuide only covers fees charged by the sending bank. Additional fees may be applied by intermediary or recipient banks during a transaction, but these are not covered by GetYourGuide.

To select the international payment transfer method, simply choose this option and then provide all the required information as prompted.

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