API Features

Connecting your GetYourGuide product options with corresponding products in your system enables automatic updates of product availability and pricing* information (based on data from your system), eliminates the need for manual booking entry (bookings are automatically processed in your system), helps ensure the most seamless booking and redemption experience for your customers (your ticket barcodes/QR-codes are automatically added to GetYourGuide vouchers) and more.  

Below you may find information about other core features and capabilities API connection can offer. Please note these features may not be supported by all systems.

Notify Availability Update

Notify Availability Update allows reservation systems to proactively notify GetYourGuide of important availability changes to your products, for example when you add additional availability or activity sells out. This helps to prevent delays with such updates being reflected on GetYourGuide product pages, therefore helping you capture more bookings and improving customer experience.

Price over API

*Price over API is currently in Beta and may not be available to all local partners. This feature enables automatic updates of your retail prices based on data from your reservation system, eliminating the need for manual price updates, and minimizing booking discrepancies. GetYourGuide will pull pricing information the same way we update availability if your system supports this functionality with GetYourGuide and it is enabled for your products. Learn more

Booking Cut-off

Cut-off time is the minimum length of time before your product starts when it is still possible for customers to book. For example, if your tour begins at 11:00 AM, and its cut-off time is set to 1 hour, it will be possible to book up until 10:00 AM on the same day. If your system supports the Booking Cut-off feature and it is enabled, GetYourGuide will automatically adjust cut-off times based on information we receive via API. Setting a lower cut-off whenever possible allows you to capture last-minute bookings.  

Reservation Expiration

Reservation Expiration feature allows systems to provide GetYourGuide with information about your recommended reservation time for which customers can keep products in the cart and reserved for them while they are completing checkout. We highly recommend a reservation time of 60 minutes, which is also our default reservation time if this feature isn’t supported by your system.

Error Codes

For rare situations when a connection happens to fail, GetYourGuide requests that systems classify their API error messages. This enables our system to automatically and seamlessly resolve most common connection issues, for example by automatically re-attempting a booking that failed to be created in your system or temporarily deactivating your GetYourGuide product to prevent further failures until the issue is fixed. 

If your system does not support one of these features, you may send them the link to GetYourGuide Integrator Portal, which contains technical information about implementing these features and how to get in touch with our team for support. We are committed to helping reservation systems improve their integration performance and features for our local partners. 


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