Connecting a product that has add-ons

Add-ons are extras that the customer can only see and select once they have added the product to their shopping cart. They are items that don’t change the itinerary of the tour, such as a picnic lunch, towel for a spa, or DVD of the tour.

We now strongly recommend you remove any add-ons previously created and instead, incorporating them into your normal option pricing.

To create a new option that includes the add-on and its pricing:

  1. Create a new tour option.
  2. Include the add-on and its price as the new option.
  3. Delete the add-on from the original product.
  4. Connect the product to your reservation system.

We suggest creating additional options and including the price for the extra expense in the total retail rate of your product instead of using add-ons. This is because add-ons aren’t shared via the API, therefore when a customer books an add-on it won’t show up on your reservation system. 

If you have add-ons that are inventory-dependent such as a lunch, bike ride, or train ticket, it’s especially important to remove the add-on and convert it to an option for this reason.

You’ll still be able to see it in GetYourGuide’s supplier portal but you’ll need to remember to check this regularly. 

Checking your booked add-ons:

  1. Go to Bookings
  2. Use the search bar to enter your desired Product Name

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