How to report a ‘No-Show’

A no-show is a customer who does not show up at the start time of the activity without any prior notice and does not participate in the activity. Read this to learn how to report a customer no-show on GetYourGuide.

Steps to report a no-show in the Supplier Portal: 

To report a no-show, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Bookings section in the Supplier Portal.
  2. Filter by date: Use the date filter to find the booking for the day the no-show occurred.
  3. Click on Show Details and on “Report no-show customer(s)”

  4. Confirm by clicking “Yes, report no-show”:


Guidelines and limitations for reporting no-shows

When reporting a no-show, please consider the following guidelines and limitations:

  • Irreversible action: Once reported, a no-show cannot be reversed. Please ensure accuracy before confirming.
  • Reporting window: No-shows can only be reported within 7 days after the Activity Start Time.
  • Visibility: Currently, records of no-show reports are only visible to GetYourGuide.
  • Booking status: The status of the booking will not change in the Supplier Portal after a no-show is reported.
  • Exclusions: Do not use the no-show report if the failure to attend was due to a supplier error, such as incorrect information provided to the customer.
  • Whole group reporting: The no-show reporting should only be used when the entire group of participants fails to show up.
  • Misuse consequences: Misuse of the no-show reporting feature may lead to its deactivation for your account.

Accurate no-show reporting helps maintain the quality and reliability of service offered through GetYourGuide. Follow the steps and guidelines carefully to ensure proper use of the reporting feature.


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