How to report a ‘No-Show’

As of 28.11.22, Suppliers will be able to report No-Shows (NS) for customers.

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Who classifies as a no-show?

No-shows are customers who, without notice, did not show up at the start time and did not participate in the activity. 

To report NS please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Bookings sections
  2. Filter by date 
  3. Click on Show Details
  4. Select Report no-show customer(s)
  5. Confirm

Please note that:

  • No-show reporting is not reversible 
  • No-shows can ONLY be reported within 7 Days after the Activity Start Time
  • Records of no-show reports made with the tool will only be visible to GetYourGuide for now. We are working on making reporting available for suppliers 
  • The booking status will not change on Supplier Administration after a no-show is reported
  • No-show reporting should NOT be used if the customer was unable to participate in the tour due to supplier error (e.g. supplier provided the customers with an incorrect start time or meeting point)
  • No-show reporting should ONLY be used for the ENTIRE participants' list 
  • No-show reporting functionality will be disabled if misused                              

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