Contacting GetYourGuide customers

You can write and respond to messages with customers directly through our email system, once a booking is confirmed. Using this email system allows you to answer customer queries faster, reduces the risk of your emails ending up in customer spam folders, and keeps everyone’s data secure.

All of your contact information, as well as your customers, will be anonymized as every email will be delivered with a temporary email address. However, an archive of all communication between you and the customer will be created, helping to protect you in case there's a dispute.

Note: The email system cannot be used for multiple bookings or pre-booking inquiries.

Replying to a customer email

You will receive an email from the customer with GetYourGuide branding. See the example below.

The email will be sent from a temporary auto-generated email address.

All temporary email addresses have the domain name

Your temporary GetYourGuide email address will look like:

The temporary address for your customer will look like:

To reply:

  1. Reply as you normally would to any email to the email through your email application > Send.

  2. GetYourGuide will receive and process your response before forwarding it to your customer.

Note: You can include attachments up to 10MB.

Emailing customers

You’ll be able to contact customers using the auto-generated email address as soon as a booking is confirmed and for up to 7 days after the activity has taken place. This means if a customer left an item behind or has any follow-up questions you’ll still be able to get in touch.

You can still reply to customers using the email address provided in each booking. It is the same one used across booking confirmations, the supplier portal, and the API connection (if applicable).

To send an e-mail to a customer: 

  1. Go to Bookings > click on the GYG booking reference number of the customer you want to contact.
  2. Create a new e-mail as you normally would through your email application.
  3. Copy and paste the customer's encrypted e-mail address into the new e-mail page > Send.

Note: Please copy and paste the entire encrypted e-mail address, for example, "".

Note: You can include attachments up to 10MB.

Email Errors

There are 4 reasons why you might not be able to deliver an email to a customer. Below, you can find the most common reasons:

  1. Message undeliverable: This could happen because the person’s inbox is full, their email host is unreachable, the attachment you’re trying to send is too large, or their email address was incorrectly entered. Please use the supplier support contact form for assistance.

  2. Virus scan of attachments: Your message contains an attachment (tickets, maps etc) that was blocked and cannot be downloaded. If you need to send the customer an attachment, please let contact customer service to assist you.

  1. Multiple recipients or CCs: This happens when you include multiple customer email addresses in a single email as recipients in the “To” or “CC” field. To send emails to multiple GetYourGuide customers, add their email addresses in the “BCC” field or send them as separate emails. This is to protect our customer’s privacy.

  1. Expired (relay) address: This message cannot be sent because the conversation is closed. This happens 7 days after the activity takes place. If you still need to contact a customer please use this contact form.

Frequently asked questions

What do I do if a customer wants to cancel or reschedule?

Please direct them to contact GetYourGuide Customer Service. We’re happy to help them 24/7.

Can I ask customers for a review?

Yes, you can ask customers to review their experience on GetYourGuide. Note that according to our Terms & Conditions, you cannot ask customers for reviews on other sites. 

For comprehensive information, please revisit our Supplier Terms & Conditions

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