Using the ticket scanner on the Supplier Portal

We now offer a ticket scanner on the Bookings page directly on the Supplier Portal, available on mobile devices (Android and iPhone) only for scanning QR codes.

Why is this helpful for me? 

This reduces the number of apps you need to have open when you’re scanning your customers’ entry tickets. So, now you just need to be logged into the Supplier Portal on your phone to access this feature — no separate ticketing app is required.

What do I need to use it? 

• An Android, iPhone mobile device or a tablet

• WiFi access

• An updated web browser (ideally Google Chrome) 

How do I use the web voucher/ticket scanner?

  1. Log into the Supplier Portal on your mobile device
  2. Go to the Bookings page
  3. Click on the green icon that says “Scan ticket” in the bottom right corner of the page

  4.  Enable the permissions that allow the use of your phone’s camera
  5. Hold your mobile device’s camera over the GetYourGuide ticket QR code 
  6. Confirm the ticket is valid to finalize the scan
  7. If valid, you’ve successfully scanned the customer’s GetYourGuide voucher/ticket! 

What if the ticket doesn’t scan correctly? 

If the QR code is not recognized by the scanner:

  • Click on the camera screen to bring the QR code into focus
  • Move the camera further away until the QR code comes into focus
  • Ask the customer to increase the brightness of their screen if you’re scanning a mobile device screen

If you see any of the following error messages after scanning a ticket, they mean: 

  • “Ticket invalid — it was already validated & confirmed”: the ticket was already scanned and redeemed
  • “Ticket code cannot be found in our system”: the ticket is either for a different supplier, was not issued by GetYourGuide, or was for a booking that was canceled
  • “Ticket isn’t valid for this timeslot”: the ticket is for a different timeslot

Anything else I should know? 

• Currently, this ticket scanner is only available on mobile devices and tablets, and not on desktop computers. 


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