Adding schedules for 'per person' price configuration


1. Name your schedule (e.g. default, 2023 summer, etc)

2. Choose the start date of your activity

3. By default, your activity doesn’t have an end date, i.e., it will remain online and bookable up to 16 months in advance. This is the preferred selection so that you don't lose out on sales due to expired activity.
Note: If your activity is seasonal and has an end date (Aug 31, 2025), you can configure that by clicking on the checkbox 'My activity has an end date'.

4. Add all the starting times / operating hours for your product

5. Specify all starting times / operating hours for your product by clicking on:

  • Add time slot - if you selected fixed time slots
  • Add operating hours - if you selected operating hours

Optional: Create exceptions for specific dates (e.g., Christmas Eve, Black Friday) if you offer different time slots or operating hours by clicking on 'Add Date'.

6. Click on 'Save and Continue' to validate your setup.


Pricing categories

Provide further details about your pricing by selecting categories and defining age ranges:

  • Select 'The price is the same for everyone' if there is no distinction and simply click 'Save and Continue'
  • Select 'Price depends on age' - if you have different age/ticket categories, e.g. adults, children, seniors, etc. To add different age groups:
    • Under 'Price Pricing Categories', select 'Add age group'
    • Choose the specific age group you need
    • From the drop-down, select the age range for each group.

You can also fill in more advanced settings, such as those below, by clicking on 'Show advanced settings'

  • Category not allowed on activity: If children below certain age limits OR seniors above certain age limits are not allowed on your activity, select yes for those categories
  • Ticket is not required: If certain categories are permitted and don't require a ticket, select yes for those categories
  • Children need adult company: If children are permitted, but they need adult supervision, select yes for child category at 'Do they need an adult with them?'

Note: The system requires you to create groups that cover the full age range from 0 to 99. Select 'Not Permitted' for an age group that you want to prevent bookings for.


Under 'Minimum Participants', input the minimum number of people required for your product to run. The maximum will be applied to each time slot of your availability.

Tip: If you set the minimum number of participants to '1', solo customers will be able to book your product. If you aren’t able to run the product with just one person, set the minimum number of participants required to run your product overall. This will help prevent you from having to cancel the product if the minimum number of participants isn’t reached.


  • Under 'Customer pays', enter the price and ensure it's in the correct currency. The GetYourGuide commission is included in this price.
  • The commission rate will be deducted from any successful bookings. Payout per person is calculated by deducting the commission from the retail rate per person.

Note: The following commission rate is shown as an example. Your commission rate is applicable based on your current operating geographical area.

Pricing tiers

  • Setting up price tiers is optional. Price tiers are scaled prices that allow you to have different prices per person depending on the number of people the customer books. The tiers you enter will apply to all your age groups. 
  • E.g., if you would like to offer a cheaper price for customers who book groups in bigger numbers, you could set up a price tier.

The below tiered pricing setup means that if a customer books for 8 people, they would need to pay 54€ (6.75€ x 8) altogether.

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