Setting up your 2-step verification for the Supplier Portal

Enable the 2-step verification process to protect your log-in for the Supplier Portal. This will be compulsory from 15 November 2022 onwards, so we recommend setting it up on your next log-in.

What does 2-step verification mean? 

Now you’ll verify your log-in for the Supplier Portal via a code you receive by SMS text message.

Why is it important? 

We want to support you in keeping your account secure. This is why we’re introducing a system in which you will confirm your login information with an SMS when you sign in. 

How do I set it up?

  1. Log into the Supplier Portal
  2. Enter your email and password as usual
  3. Click on “Configure 2-step verification” 
  4. Insert your phone number with the correct international code

  5. Check your phone for your 6-digit code received via SMS 
  • If you don’t receive a code within 5 minutes, click on “Resend code” 
  • If you need to correct the phone number, click on “Edit phone number”

       6. Type the 6-digit code in the indicated field on the Supplier Portal

       7. You’ve successfully set up 2-step verification for your account user profile

       8. Every time you log in from now on, have your phone handy to retrieve your code.

Note: If you use the same browser/device and do not clear your cookies, you’ll only need to confirm after every time you log out

Who will this affect? 

This will be enforced for “Administration” and “Finance” users of the Supplier Portal only. This is to protect delicate details such as payment information. All other roles will remain unaffected by this change for now. 

Where can I find this? 

Next time you log into the Supplier Portal, you’ll see a screen to set up your 2-step verification flow for your mobile phone. 

Anything else I should know? 

  1. Avoid shared user profiles: Make sure you only have one person accessing a user’s account. If you share a user log-in between various people currently, you need to create a user’s account for each person. See more information about how to set up different user accounts in our FAQ. 
  2. Too many attempts: If you enter the code incorrectly too many times, you may be locked out for up to 24 hours. 

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