Creating seasonal pricing using an API

In order to offer different prices for your connected products, we strongly recommend you to use the Price over API feature.

If your reservation system does not support it or if the feature is not suitable for your product, you can find information below on how to create different pricing for it. 

API connected options support seasonal pricing such as spring, summer, or low or high-season prices. 

Special pricing to distinguish weekday and weekend prices is not supported. In this case please contact us for assistance by selecting Connecting via API > How to connect your Products

To set up seasonal pricing:

  1. Delete any availability blocks for the new time period.
  2. Create the new price.
  3. Add a manual availability to the price. The API will update your availability in the new pricing block created for the rest of the year within the week. 

Note: The availability created manually should be for a short period of time. It has to be available for at least a day, but the rest will be pulled automatically via the API.

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