Connecting your product options to a reservation/ticketing system

GetYourGuide Supplier API integrations are offered by the leading reservation systems, ticketing platforms, and channel managers in the travel experiences industry. You can find the list of supported systems and system-specific instructions here

For most systems, the connection can be established quickly and easily using your GetYourGuide Supplier Administration account:

How to connect your product options in GetYourGuide Supplier Portal:

  1. Enable GetYourGuide integration in your system and copy Product IDs (learn more).

  2. In your GetYourGuide Supplier Administration account, Go to Products → Manage Products. Choose the product you would like to connect, click →  Edit details.

  3. Under Options, choose the product option you would like to connect and click Connectivity Settings → Edit.

  4. Under Do you use a booking system for your availability?, select Yes. Then, select your system from the dropdown list → paste the product ID for the corresponding product in your reservation/ticketing system and click Connect.

Once you have followed these steps, GetYourGuide will attempt to establish a connection with the corresponding product in your system. When this is complete, your product will be connected. You need to repeat this process for other options and products you wish to connect as well.

If you receive an error after clicking Connect, please make note of the error details and contact your system for assistance. 

If your system is not listed under ‘Do you use a booking system for your availability?’, please check supported systems and system-specific instructions here. The connection process may differ for some systems. 

You can request that your system be integrated with GetYourGuide by sending them a link to our Integrator Portal ( which contains instructions on how to develop GetYourGuide integration.

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