How to share your Tax Details with GetYourGuide (mandatory)

Filling in Tax information

GetYourGuide requires specific tax-related information from you for legal compliance and to ensure payment processes are secure. Here's a simplified breakdown of what you need to provide:

Legal Status: Indicate if you operate as an individual or a company. This determines the tax information you need to submit.

  1. As an individual, your personal and business finances are not separate.
  2. As a company, your business is a distinct legal entity, typically requiring more documentation, like Articles of Association and a Company Registration Number

Company Registration Number (CRN): This is a unique identifier assigned to your legally registered business. The format of this number varies by country, and you can find the specific format for your country on the Supplier Administration site.

VAT information

VAT starts with the country code followed by a unique number sequence. It is distinct from other identifiers such as a Tax Identification Number or a Company Registration Number. 
For businesses outside the EU, a similar identifier is used, which may be referred to as a sales tax ID, GST, or HST number, and the format will differ accordingly.
If the currency of your payment or the country of your operations varies, the information required from you may differ. 
To prevent any payment delays, please verify the accuracy of the provided information.
Check the screenshots below and navigate the intuitive step-by-step process
Ensure that the essential information is covered in the relevant sections :

Company profile section.

And in the Finance - payment details tab 

***Only complete supplier profiles qualify for payments***

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