Updating your company details

You can manage your personal information, privacy, and payments directly from the Account section of the supplier administration.

The account section includes the most important information concerning your personal account details such as your supplier reference number, the commission setup, your company contact details, the notification settings, and the payment details.

Under Account you’ll find the following subsections:

Company profile

Account management

Payment & billing 

Promotional badges 

Company profile

This section includes your company information and stores all the details of the documents you have provided (your company registration number, EIN or SSN or ITIN for US-Suppliers, and your Insurance policy details).

•  Company information

In the Company information section, you’ll find your supplier ID.

The ID starts with an “S” and is followed by a series of numbers. For e.g. S1234.

This number is your identifier for GetYourGuide's internal processes. Providing this number in all your communication with the supplier support speeds up the identification process and helps reduce mistakes.

Your contact details are also used as your billing address (in your invoice’s header) so make sure that this information is always up to date.

To update your company contact details, insurance details, and also to find out more about which documents you’ll need, check this article. 

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