Managing User Access and Customizing Notifications in the Supplier Portal

Read this to learn how to effectively manage user access and customize notification settings within the Supplier Portal.

How do I give team members access to the Supplier Portal?

Assigning the right access levels to your team members ensures that tasks are appropriately divided and sensitive information remains protected. Here’s how you can add a new user and assign them to a specific department:

  • Step 1: Under your profile, navigate to Account settings > Account management.

  • Step 2: Click on Add a new contact or select an existing contact to edit by selecting the blue circle with three dots.

  • Step 3: Enter the user’s details and select the appropriate department by toggling ‘Allow login’. The departments and their access levels are:

    • Administration: Full access, including the ability to invite users and edit their access rights.
    • Finance: Access only to financial information.
    • Operations: Can manage and request changes to products, and handle bookings, but cannot access financial information.
    • Guides: Can manage bookings but cannot access financial information.

  • Step 4: Click Add a new account profile if adding a new user, or click Save changes if modifying an existing user. If a new user is being added, a confirmation link will be sent to the contact’s email address, which they must confirm to activate their account.

How do I customize notification settings for team members?

To ensure that the right members of your team receive updates relevant to their roles, follow these steps to customize their notification settings:

  • Step 1: Choose which notifications the contact should receive concerning product quality, bookings, reviews, accounting, and customer questions.

  • Step 2: Click Add a new account profile if adding a new user, or click Save changes if modifying an existing user.

Actionable Tip: Regularly review and adjust access levels and notification settings to ensure security and efficiency. You can modify these settings at any time through the same Account management section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does only one user receive a notification when multiple users are set to receive the same type of alert?

Due to system constraints, only one user per notification type will receive an alert. The system prioritizes the primary account holder as the recipient if multiple users are selected for the same notification type.

How are notifications handled for bookings connected via API?

Booking confirmations are not issued by GetYourGuide for API-connected bookings, as the reservation system is expected to handle this. However, notifications for any booking amendments are automatically sent.


By carefully managing user access and customizing notification settings, you ensure operational efficiency and data security within your team, allowing you to focus more on delivering exceptional experiences through GetYourGuide.


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