Editing and extending your product’s availability

You can manually show when is your activity available to be booked by our customers and can change your availability at anytime according to your capacity. Having the availability of your products always up-to-date can reduce customer cancellations and increase customer trust. 

If you need to update your product’s availability, make sure not to delete your product’s option/s, but just update the availability linked to it. You can always update your availability in the existing option instead of creating new ones. 

Please note that if you delete the option, the product will need to go through the quality-check process again. This is why we suggest to pay attention when updating the availability.

Editing availability

To find your product’s availability section:

1. Go to Products > Manage products

2. Find the product you wish to update > Click the 3 dots icon on the right-hand side> click Edit details


3. Click Edit Option

4. Click Availability, on the left-hand side menu.

To edit an existing product’s availability:

1. Click Edit, a blue button on the right side of the availability box.  

2. Amend the availability according to your needs.

3. Click Save.

4. You can extend the validity range of the season, you can edit the starting times, remove or add starting times. 

Adding a New Availability

When adding a new availability, always make sure that you avoid overlapping dates. If this happens, you'll get an error message and you won’t be able to save.

1. Click Add availability > Add new availability

2. Name your availability period. You can include the season and year it's for. For e.g. ‘Summer season’ or ‘Autumn 2019’.

Including the season and year it is valid for, helps not to confuse one availability with other availability blocks, if you need to have more than one.

3. Enter the start and end date > Add starting time > Save.

4. You can add several starting times per day. 

5. If your product has recurrent starting time, click Copy to Whole Week.

6. Go to Single/special dates > Add new date to add extra availability on special dates. 

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